Did you Know:
  • PCIDs assist in accelerating, providing seed money and building needed infrastructure projects that local and state governments cannot afford. Projects are based on a business case for investment that will produce the best return for the economy and quality of life in Perimeter.
  • The Perimeter CIDs and their partners are making a difference in the lives of workers, residents and visitors in the Perimeter area with these transportation improvements to improve connectivity and access.
  • PCIDs provide a solid return on investment for their funds that are matched by their local and state governments.
  • PCID dollars can only be used for certain purposes as indicated by their individual State Legislation and local agreements.
  • PCIDs tax is a self-imposed additional commercial property tax paid voluntarily by commercial property owners, not residents.
  • PCIDs access matching funds from governments from specified accounts budgeted for the purpose of keeping safe, efficient roads and transit alternatives.
  • Perimeter businesses employ approximately 100,000 people.

Perimeter Perspectives

A Bridge to New Possibilities


My name is Andrew Mahaffey and I am working as a volunteer intern this summer for Perimeter Community Improvement Districts to understand and gain real life experience in the business and quasi-governmental communities that I can apply in my studies and after graduation.


"I love the Perimeter Center Parkway bridge because it is still so clean and new! There are no exits off the interstate so it is so much less congested and there are no traffic lights that keep me from enjoying the "flyover." Once I'm on it, I can enjoy the view and not worry about traffic."

Peggy Cassell, Jewelry Designer

Perimeter Immediately Drew Me In


My name is Hanna Kroll and I recently graduated from Georgia Southern University. I am currently doing an internship with the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs). When I first arrived in Perimeter one of the main things that I noticed was the landscaping. In my opinion, landscaping is one of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of a city that, when properly maintained, can create a completely different point of view on an area.


"This area has a small community atmosphere; everything we need is right here in our community. The best thing about living in Perimeter is being close to home and all of the great public transportation options – it’s so easy to get to the airport!"

Martha McJilton, Accountant

"I really enjoy the convenience of the sidewalks around the Northpark office complex. It allows me to train for my numerous triathlons and races while at the office...even on my lunch break. I usually get in a quick 10K at lunch and feel recharged for the rest of the day. The paths here are very well maintained which allows me to focus more on my running and the scenery rather than worrying about getting injured by twisting an ankle on a poorly constructed concrete sidewalk. I also love getting out and walking to lunch on a nice day and enjoying the beautiful landscaping around this area"

Jeremy Baker, Structural Engineer


"I am a native Atlantan and have frequented the Perimeter area over the years for various reasons before working here. The PCIDs have made definite improvements in recent years and their continued plans will enhance and enable it to cope with the growth and changes that are inevitable"

Diane Goodwin, Office Manager


"I have worked in the Perimeter Center area for fifteen years and moved to The Manhattan at Perimeter Place over two years ago. I love living and working in this area and walk to work on a daily basis. The improvements that have been made by the PCID over the past several years have been terrific. We are truly blessed to have such an entity in this area"

Tony Torbert

"I really like the ability I have to get outside and use the sidewalks. It gives me fresh air and a clear mind to go back to work, refreshed"

Sara Key, Graphic Designer

"What sets Perimeter apart from other areas of metro Atlanta is the accessibility. We can live, work and play without feeling too crowded or overbuilt."

AJ Cunningham, Landscape Architect